Thank you! For installing “Import CSV to List” add-in. In 5 easy steps, now you can import CSV files into your existing Lists under host Site.

Here are few simple instructions to start using this add-in.


  1. After adding add-in from office store you can find add-in icon in SharePoint list ribbon.
  1. After clicking on add-in icon from list ribbon, select CSV file to import into SharePoint list.
  2. After selection of CSV file, select an existing SharePoint list from drop down.
  3. After selection of SharePoint list Create new mapping by clicking on “New Mapping” or choose existing mapping by selecting existing mapping.
  4. After clicking on “New Mapping”, provide the name for mapping after that choose required columns for mapping and also choose optional columns if you want.
  5. After selection of required and optional columns click on “Submit” button, you can find the total records as well as failed records items.

Click here to download user manual which has more detailed instructions and screenshots.

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